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Hidden Gun safes
[yasr_overall_rating] The easiest and the most effective way to safe guns is by keeping them in the gun safe. Some clever gun owners keep it further safe and for that reason, they keep it in hidden gun safes to keep them out of the reach of the children or any other mishap.

What’s so special about Hidden Gun Safes?

You might have seen that most gun safes are lingering around in open spaces in your room or anywhere you keep them. So what are those qualities for which you should prefer these gun safes rather than the normal ones? Here are a few qualities which I researched and want to share with you.

  1. They normal gun safes don’t have the option to be fixed inside the wall or cupboard etc. while the hidden gun safes can be put in them.
  2. These type of gun safes require little or no space and they seem to be a part of that space in which they are fixed.
  3. No one would find that where you have kept your gun because they are hard to find out. They may be in front of everyone but couldn’t see it.

TOP 5 Best Hidden Gun Safes:

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Paragon Electronic Wall Lock and Hidden Safe

Hidden Gun safes

If you are looking for an electronic wall gun safe then go nowhere but this one. It’s Paragon Wall lock and comes keypad. It’s best for homes and offices. Much flatter and easy to conceal. This safe was designed so that you can easily hide your pistols or other valuables in a closet or behind a picture.



You can store anything besides your firearms like jewelry, cash and other valuables.


It open with a PIN code and comes with two keys. The code can be between 3 to 8 numbers. It’s Electronic lock and have LED with the buzzer.


Inside the safe matted with grey carpet so it will keep your valuables safe without damaging them. The interior and exterior are powder coated and the safe door opens to the right side.


The weight is approximately 39 pounds, but it doesn’t matter as you will fix it in a wall.



Covert Cabinets Hidden Safe

hidden gun safes in furniture

The hidden shelf safe can hang on any wall in your home or office. This safe is exclusively made in America and if you are getting it another’s country then probably it’s the first copy. not the real one. On its upper side, you can keep anything because it’s a shelf. Things on the upper side will not impact the valuables in the safe. Here are few other features of this hidden gun safe:


Magnetic Lock:

The lock is interior and opens with a magnetic key which is of course included.

Storage compartment:

You probably might be thinking that when you open the safe it might drop down and your valuables might thrash on the ground. But it’s not the case, the compartment opens partly so that all the things are kept safe and fixed.

Smooth hinges:

The hinges are smooth and opens quickly giving you immediate access to what’s inside it.

Secret storage:

This shelf safe gives you secret access to your guns and other precious things. All the eyes are on the décor on the top of the shelf. For detailed information watch the following review video.

Watch Detailed Product Video Review


Book Gun Safe

hidden gun safes for the home

Things are hard to find if they deceive the appearances. This gun safe comes in the shape of a book and no one will touch it until they know about it that it’s actually a safe. I liked this concept personally. Some of its features which I have mentioned are given below:



Interior is just amazing because of its foam lining which keeps your valuables scratch less.

Deluxe Steel:

Special deluxe steel has been used in this which provides protection of up to 360 degrees.


It has a 3 wheel combination of the locking system which keeps the safe secure if accidently someone’s open it.


It comes in two colors that is the brown and blue. So luckily you have a choice of two to choose from.


The weight is just normal. It’s 2.8 pounds which is the less than a laptop or a heavy book.



Hidden Wall Clock Safe

hidden gun safes for walls

This is something innovative. You will love this gun safe because it comes in the shape of wall clock and it’s very hard to find out where your gun is been kept. This is the hidden gun safe you will ever see. If you want to keep you safe out of the reach of children or theft fear.



This is the most hidden gun safe and acts as a security guard when you are not at your place. Your valuables are absolutely safe because of its non-visibility.


A safe clock in the shape of the clock. Nothing is more cool and beautiful than this.


The price of this safe is not more than $20. It’s as cheap as peanuts.

2 in 1:

It works as a clock and safe simultaneously. Requires just AA batteries to function.

Easy to Install:

It’s easy to install it on the wall. Just fix a nail and the wall and mount it. For details watch the following clock safe video review.

Watch clock safe hidden gun safe video review


A Unique One (Not a Safe but a Good one to keep your gun out of sight)

Wolverine Holsters – Under the Desk

cheap gun safes

It’s not a safe but a good one to hide your gun under the desk. This is a 5-star rating Holster for your gun and you can’t miss this one. Just for $30 you are getting an amazing gun holder under your desk. It can hold any size of the gun easily. You can place it anywhere not just necessarily under the desk. It has a synthetic tough panel with 4 screws for easy installation.

Get this Smart looking Hideaway now! 

My Personal Choice:

Covert Cabinets Hidden Safe

Looking at the features and prices of all the hidden gun safes I have come to a conclusion that in my view Covert Cabinets Hidden Safe is the best among all according to my view. It’s my personal choice due to some reasons.

It’s a decoration table and a hidden safe for your valuables. Looks very nice in your home or office. Easily accessible because they can be kept in your dining room or TV launch in front of you. So I would recommend you to go for this one however, the others are also the best ones among the hidden safes which I researched.

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