How to choose the perfect Gun safe?

how to choose perfact gun safe

how to choose perfact gun safe

Most gun owners, at some point, want to invest on a quality gun safe. Whether for the home or office, there’s a wide selection of gun safes that can serve the purpose and requirements of gun owners.

Not all gun safes are pry-resistant and robust, though. There are low-priced and lightweight options, and there are the heavy duty, resilient types. Some gun safe manufacturers take pride in the attention to detail, the sturdiness, and the value for money of their product offerings.

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3 Main Reasons You Need A Gun Safe

If you have a firearm and you still have any doubt about buying a gun safe then let me clear it to you why it’s essential for you to have a safe gun:

#1 Legal Requirement:

There are many states where it’s considered illegal if your firearm is not in the gun safe. You may be fined or face jail or maybe both. The list of these states are here.

#2 Theft:

You have to worry about theft issues. Exposed guns and pistols are easy targets for thieves which they sell later on and even use against you.

#3 Children:

You cannot all the time look after your children and they may find the naked gun which would be devastating. It can be avoided if we could keep it in a gun safe.
Some gun safes are just downright outrageous for some gun users, but the outrageous features are usually what’s necessary to store your guns securely. Here are some pointers for you to think about when you buy your next gun safe

Types of Gun Safe


  • Biometric Gun

A biometric safe is one that does away with combinations, pass codes and also keys relying only with your fingerprint or palm impression to provide access. Each time one presses their fingers onto the actual synching pad or the sensors, the fingerprints are generally coded into an electronic digital form and compared with all the previously fed in a digital code. Security wise this is the best gun safes you can have.

2.     Gun Sized Safes:

These are the full sized gun safes, well-constructed and fire proof. They are expensive due to its large size and heavy weight like vault. If you have guns in your home so select from one of these types.

3.     Handgun Safes and Small Gun Safes

These are small and compact guns which are specifically made for handgun and pistols. So if you are travelling too much and want to have a safe gun for you wherever you then I will recommend you that these safes are best for you.

4.     Car / Vehicle Gun Safe:

These are compact gun safes but specifically made to be mounted in your cars. Not all the small gun safes are suitable for your vehicle.  These are compact but very reliable. Go for it if your purpose is to protect your pistol in car.

Let’s Talk Features:

There are many features you should consider before buying a gun safe. Let’s talk about few things.

  • Gauge of the Steel:

The lower the gauge steel the heavier gun will be. 12 gauge steel gun is heavier than 14 gauge steel. But you could break the lighter steel with a heavy axe than the heavier one.

  • Safe size:

There is a huge variety of guns available. I would recommend to go for a large safe because you can use them for future use too. Like the 8 Gun Double Door Security Cabinet. It’s big and have many compartments. This will fulfill all your needs, whether you save guns or pistols or other valuables as well.

  • Fire Protection:

Not all the gun safes are fire resistant. Sentry Gun Safes are fire resistant and long lasting. Go for it if you want something solid and durable. It is very necessary to look for a fire resistant safe as the incidents of fire have increased over the time.

  • Other features:


  • Some can be mounted in a wall, or kept in a drawer.
  • May include a fingerprint lock.
  • Some have tamper-proof properties, strong metal material, and motion sensors that can transmit a signal to the gun owner’s phone.
  • On the other hand, there are very simple options too.



Look For Specifications and Compare Them:

To purchase the gun safe that meet your specifications, comparative assessments can be found online. The comprehensive reviews may highlight features that are not necessary and those which are essential. Among the components that can be put to good use are a solid steel door and thick walls/body. There are flimsy gun safes in the market. Opt instead for a gun safe made of a weighty but secure concrete based amalgamate. The lock is another important component a gun safe buyer should check. Consumers need a gun safe that won’t be easy to pry open yet provide trouble-free operation for themselves.

There are also compact gun safes the size of a laptop that gun owners can carry along with them when traveling.

When you get right down to it, solid construction and a reliable, high-strength lock mechanisms are the two important things to look for when purchasing a gun safe. A gun safe with decent fire protection rating and gauge steel body may be worth the purchase, if an entry level safe is all you want. Online comparisons, reviews & ratings may turn out to be helpful when choosing a gun safe.

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