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Car Gun Safe
[yasr_overall_rating] You may come across a lot of compact and slim gun safes, but all of them are not suitable for vehicle use. The best car gun safe has the ability that it has a compact design with options to keep it in a suitable place in cars.

There are many gun safe that only can be mounted in a trunk and need holes on the wall so you can install it there. We have enlisted the best gun safe for cars which is slim designed and can be installed permanently on a surface in your vehicle.

4 Top Rated Gun Safes for Cars:

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Car Gun Safe

This one is made up of 21 gauge steel. Perfect for those ones who needs to lock their gun every day. Due to its slim design, you can carry it anywhere in a briefcase, bag or even you can place it under the seat of your vehicle. You can carry this safe in the plane as it meets the TSA firearm guidelines.


Fully tested:

It’s tested with a 1500 pound security cable so to ensure that it has secure monitoring in the car. So there is no reason it can break.

Easy to Lock:

Comes up with two keys and easy to operate the locking system.


They are perfect for those who travel a lot due to its slim design and usability. You can carry it anywhere with yourself because of the little space it requires.



External measurements are 9.5 by 6.5 by 1.75 inches.

Three models:

It comes in 3 models to choose from, and each one has the thick foam of 1.25 inches of lining not to damage your gun and keep it scratchless. Check out this customer reviews about this product this product have 4.5 rating.

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Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault – Top Gun Safes For Cars:

GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe

For those who are looking for a more discreet option, the best car gun safe for pistols is going to be the Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault. Featuring the No-Eyes Keypad that gives you super-fast access even in the dark, you’re getting the highest standards in security and reliability with this model.


You can either set the audio feedback to confirm correct keypad entries or set the MV500-STD to stealth mode or retrieve your firearm without alerting others.

Specifications and Features:

Super Protection:

The real beauty of this small gun safe for pistols is in the heavy-gauge steel outer construction that surrounds the foam inside vault which protects your pistol completely Foam lining inside the upper and lower side to protect your pistol from any damage or scratch.

Secure Lock:

It has a secure locking system. The keypad also locks out users after a set number of failed entries.

Lock Combinations:

With over 12 million user codes for you to choose from and a high-strength lock mechanism, you can be certain that the only person that is accessing your firearms and valuables is up to you.


Exterior dimensions are 11 by 8.1/2 by 2.1/4 inches and Interior dimensions are 10-3/4 s by 6-1/2 by 2 inches


Its Weight is just 5 pounds and constructed from sixteen-gauge steel. For more information watch Gunvault MV500 video review .

Watch Gunvault MV500-STD Video Review:



Shotlock By Truck Vault – One Of The Best Car Gun Safe:

gun safe for car

It’s one of the best car gun safe for several reasons. This gun safe is made up of 14 gauge of steel and has the ability to be mounted horizontally, vertically and with a security cable. So in this way you can place this safe in the car under your seat or anywhere else where there is space for it.

This gun safe has:

Unique Lock System:

This safe has a unique button lock which does not require batteries. Until and unless the number is entered in a sequence, it will not open like other safes, just put numbers without sequence and they open up.


There is enough room in this safe to place a 1911 style gun.

Personalized Settings:

It comes with detail instructions, how to change to your own combination from factory combination.

Quick Access:

It comes with 5 button lock line which makes it 1000 possible combinations to access your gun within 3 seconds.

Mechanical Lock:

It has mechanical locking system unlike the electronic lock its more reliable.




HandGun lock Box BY Snap Safe:

best car gun safe reviews

This is the best gun safe for car. This gun safe is much more affordable than the others. It’s made up of 18 gauge steel. Its slim design makes it easy for you to conceal it under the seat of your car or in the dashboard, making it one of the best car gun safe.

Features of this gun safes for cars:

Complete Protection:

The upper and lower interior are lined with half-inch foam so it prevents your gun from being damaged.

Allowed on Plane:

It meets the Guidelines of TSA so you can carry them when you travel by plane.

This gun safe is simple and durable. Made up of such a heavy gauge steel and inner protection of foam lining makes it safer for pistol.

Easy to carry:

You can carry it in your bag, briefcase or beneath the car seat. It requires so little space that you will hardly feel anything carrying with yourself.


This safe can easily hold a pistol of full size. It has the capacity of a single pistol


It has dimensions of 9.5 by 6.5 by 1.75 inches.

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My Personal Choice:


The best safes are those which are simple and not complicated that you can carry with them while travelling and where ever go for your work. All the gun safes above will provide the best safety for your gun and a peace of mind because of its safe and secure lock system. So you can go for any of the above gun safes but in our view Gunvault MV500-STD is the best one due to its  design and you can carry it in your car. So now we have provided you the products with honest reviews so it’s time to take decision go and buy which you like with our guidelines.

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